How to install Farming Simulator 21 map mods?

The section FS21 maps contains the best maps for Farming Simulator 21. New maps are a great opportunity to play around previously unavailable locations. These fan-made worlds will allow you to farm on completely new worlds. This is an opportunity to face completely new challenges and gain the title of the richest farmer in the region. We recommend recommended to use maps for FS21.

Tutorial: How to install Farming Simulator 21 map

Is easy to install any map in Farming Simulator 21 game. After you decided which map mod you want to try, just follow these installation steps:

  • Choose a map from map mod category
  • Read a map description and instructions
  • Sometimes you will need additional mods to use map, so download them first.
  • Click on “Download Map” button
  • Check what kind of file you have downloaded. The most popular map mod file is .ZIP, but sometimes it can be .RAR, so you will need  file extractor to unpack this file.
  • Place the archive in C:/Users/”user_name”/Documents/my games/FarmingSimulator2021/mods.
  • Start the Farming Simulator 21 game and begin a new game or load  a game save. Choose Map from the list.
  • Done. You can play a new map!
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